Vision & Values

John Huot10.16.18 (60 Open Captioned)

Building a Thriving Economy

I value a local economy that works for everyone. As your representative, I will focus my energies towards creating job opportunities throughout Minnesota. Improvements in infrastructure, supporting independent business owners, amplifying the voices of farmers and laborers, and ensuring equal pay and opportunities for all Minnesotans will keep our state in the forefront of economic health and prosperity.

I have a vision of a vibrant economy that supports working families with access to affordable child care, a smart and accessible public transportation network, excellent educational opportunities, and wages that allow families to pay the bills, AND recreate, AND save for the future. In the legislature, I will seek ways to bolster our economic policies so that all Minnesotans have the ability to thrive.

Most importantly, I value workers. As a former union member and labor leader, I know that collective bargaining agreements improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for ALL Minnesotans. The types of jobs Minnesotans will have in the future may require that workers possess new skills. I will champion legislation that assists workers in acquiring the qualities and traits to be successful in our changing economy.


As a parent of three students who have attended District 196 schools, I know that our district’s schools have prepared them well for the paths they choose. As a real estate professional, I know that excellent schools keep our property values high, encourage local businesses, and promote safe neighborhoods. School District 196 has some of the most renowned schools in the nation, with experienced and well trained teachers who are committed to a safe and productive learning environment. As your representative, I will support legislation that ensures our public schools continue to be the best in the nation.

As your state representative, I will:

  • Support full and equitable funding for our public schools. Funding should allow schools to have small class sizes, well trained teachers and support staff as well as a safe environment to learn. Funding for early learning and full-service schools will ensure that the opportunity gaps will close.
  • Listen and support educators and parents to determine what is best for our kids.
  • Fight against vouchers and school privatization, which diverts funding from our public schools to institutions that are not accredited and have little oversight. 
  • Fight for highly trained educators and strong licensing standards. Recruiting future teachers into the profession requires high standards and higher salaries, not less preparation and training. 
  • Promote programs that help make our schools safe and free of fear. Increasing the ratio of counselors to students, anti-bullying and other mental health programs, as well as keeping class sizes small will help make our schools safer. Arming teachers is not a reasonable solution. 
  • Support a public two-year associate program for students willing to work hard for a higher education. States should also support any student who wishes to obtain a trade degree at a public vocational school. 
  • Support programs that will lead to the forgiveness of a percentage of the current outstanding educational loan debt. 

Affordable Healthcare for All

Comprehensive, affordable healthcare is critical to the well-being of Minnesota families. Throughout my almost three decades working in emergency medical services, I have seen people in incredible medical crises. I have observed families worried about their loved ones who also worry that they won’t be able to pay for the care that is being delivered. Minnesota families deserve peace of mind when faced with medical diagnoses and decisions - they should not have to decide between personal bankruptcy or chemotherapy. I believe that availability and access to a full-range of women’s reproductive choices and family planning resources is crucial to the economic and emotional health of Minnesota families. Private medical decisions should remain private, not controlled by legislators.

As the representative of SD57B, I will support legislation that provides effective and efficient medical care for all Minnesotans. I will encourage the adoption of a healthcare system that does not tie access to healthcare to employment, allowing Minnesotans to stay rooted in their communities rather than needing to relocate for the sake of health coverage. I will also focus on ensuring that small business employers are not financially stressed by providing quality healthcare options to their employees. I will seek input from medical professionals and constituents - not just insurance companies - to inform my healthcare votes.

Protecting Our Environment & Resources

Now, more than ever, the Minnesota legislature must step up to protect our natural resources and waterways in the wake of efforts to weaken environmental protections nationally. It will be up to the legislature to ensure clean water, clean air, and safe food. We need to encourage reasonable sustainable sources of renewable energy and ways to conserve our water usage and recover natural sources of water. To move Minnesota forward, we need to continue to cut down carbon emissions and look towards cleaner sources of energy. At the present, we must find safer ways to transport oil and gas. As a member of the Community Advisory Council to Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery, I already represent our shared interests in protecting the environment and increasing safety.

Preserving Minnesota’s environment and natural resources should be a bipartisan issue, and I am prepared to vote to protect our beautiful state, and more importantly, the health and safety of Minnesotans.


My family proudly served in our nation’s military. My father served in World War II and suffered the rest of his life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). My mother served in both World War II and Korea. Sadly, we became a Gold Star family when my brother Ray lost his life while serving in Vietnam.

I have seen first-hand how important comprehensive, compassionate, and convenient veteran services are to support our service members and their families. Our veterans deserve our concern and care and ensuring their well-being and support is not a party issue. We must all work together to address the needs of our veterans. As your representative, I will champion legislation that helps our veterans, active military, and their families receive the support they deserve for their service to our country.

Public Service & Safety

I spent 28 years as a public servant in emergency medical services, serving 10 of those years as a volunteer firefighter. I worked alongside police officers for most of those years. Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical providers have a special place in my heart. We need to ensure that our public servants have adequate training, equipment, financial support, and benefits/pensions. I believe it is also important to note that public service in our communities includes more than emergency medical and fire services. We have teachers, government workers and many more who work hard for our communities every day. I view these hard working citizens as family and will represent them well in the legislature.

I will also work hard to ensure our communities are safe for everyone. This includes taking a hard look at gun violence in our country and in our communities. I own firearms. I enjoy hunting and sport shooting. My family and I have attended firearms safety classes to ensure we use our guns in the safest way possible. I take great care to keep my guns and ammunition safely locked away when I’m not using them. As your legislator, I will support reasonable and common sense firearms policies that protect our citizens without infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.